Text vs. Hashtags

Do we still need real text or are good hashtags already enough? 

The last few days I’ve been lying on the couch with a few exciting books and reading a lot about how important writing and reading still is. And that good content simply has to be great writing. That it should be personal, genuine, empathetic, informative, entertaining & definitely not promotional to gain the trust of readers or customers. I was reassured and frankly a bit overjoyed that journalistic writing is not obsolete. In a world where everything moves even faster today than it did yesterday, where the currency is followers and clicks & equally authenticity is writ large, it’s not easy to maintain the latter and still generate traffic. 

Sometimes you get the feeling that stringing hashtags together is the text in itself and the actual functionality of the # is no longer the prio. In fact, I was happy to read and understand that a well thought-out writing concept, good storytelling and a sense of language are still important. And, clearly, hashtags are an important tool for categorization, search, attracting followers, and increasing reach and engagement. But, a few or even 30 hashtags (the max option on Insta) just aren’t enough after all. Storytelling, fortunately, needs a good story! 

So let’s just keep doing what we’re doing at FARBE BLAU and take the time to research, write, tell stories and engage in dialogue with customers, users and interested parties.