Stay competitive and successful with #interns!

Staying one step ahead of the competition, remaining competitive in a constantly changing market, and knowing the current trends are the classic challenges of every company. 

What contribution could interns make here?

Image promotion argument
In discussions with decision-makers on the company or agency side, the first pro-argument I have often heard is that taking on interns and actively promoting young talent contributes to the company’s image. You make a social contribution, the costs are low and, in addition, your own employees are relieved because simple tasks can be handed over. So it’s hardly a big risk and a real image gain in terms of external presentation!

The know-how of digital natives
As an agency owner, I see it as even more compelling and valuable to combine our own experience and know-how with the skills and talents of the next generation. In the digital age, it’s important for companies to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. As digital natives, interns bring exactly these skills with them; they are adept at using modern technologies and social media platforms.

Innovative thinking & unconventional solutions
I personally find the introduction of new perspectives and innovative, modern approaches much more important than technical know-how. In the joint process with the young creatives at eye level, completely new ideas develop and unconventional solutions emerge. It is not only exciting to see and hear their attitudes, values and perspectives, but also to involve them directly in projects or pitches. Of course, we can do benchmark and trend research without them, but isn’t it so much more valuable to authentically perceive this first-hand and also experience it directly in the agency’s everyday work? 

By hiring interns, we are not only promoting young talent, but also securing the long-term potential of a creative agency and remaining competitive.

We are pleased that Julia from the Munich Media Design Academy is currently part of our team and are always happy to receive new intern applications!