In digital communication, all measures can be measured and tracked. The performance of texts can also be determined and tracked. If the blog post is written in an entertaining and exciting way, the user stays longer on the page and does not jump off immediately. If the call-to-action is aptly formulated and correctly placed, it will be followed by a measurable action.

At Farbe Blau, we tailor texts to the goals of your online marketing strategy.
What are the defined KPIs of your online communication? Can you derive KPIs for your texts from this and align them accordingly?

We focus on the target group and tailor the texts optimally to them.
We align product texts or blog posts with the needs of customers and interested parties and offer users added value.

We optimise the content for search engines.
We integrate relevant keywords and ensure that the content is found.

Optimised texts and a good content strategy have a positive effect on brand awareness, lead to more traffic in the long term and thus also to more conversions or leads.


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