We suddenly speak differently to each other

#authenticity #inspiration #openness #creativity 

A few days ago I had a very inspiring phone call. One question had a lasting impact on me: Isn’t it an extraordinary time to launch a startup – especially a communications agency? Definitely yes, but at the same time I also had a very positive feeling: because the current situation makes us all become equally creative, in communicating with each other, in reaching out and in finding new topics. In fact, it presents many with the same problem: What am I supposed to communicate when there are no motor races, when art and culture are canceled, when events are canceled. Where is the experience to be communicated? This state of affairs – paradoxical as it may seem – allows us to innovate again and creatively shape topics together. Even if that happens via video calls. My perception is that we become more authentic and start communicating the issues as they are. We are allowing questions about fear, responsibility, frustration and joy. How does the race car driver who doesn’t go to the race, the athlete who doesn’t show up for the event, the photographer who doesn’t show up for the shoot feel…? This is how authentic communication turns distance into closeness again.