We need to #focus

For a few weeks now, I’ve felt the need to talk about a very important topic: How do we all manage the pressure of keeping the balls in the air in parallel and keeping our eyes on those for whom our focus is so essential. By that I mean all the school kids who have tried all forms of videoconferencing in recent weeks and months from Mebis to Zoom, Homeworker and ultimately moved to Microsoft Teams. There more or less video conferencing and having to get to grips with the systems. I think we should all focus on what’s important, not get caught up in chats ourselves about what’s successful and what’s not, and support them with calm. At that point, that’s also opening up new perspectives for them and sharing a generous view of things with them. To make them feel that it’s okay if technology doesn’t work, systems are overloaded, and they can’t meet levies. And that it’s admirable how they’ve been managing this school day for almost a year and have adapted to digitization so quickly. Maybe we’ll be able to keep the kids smiling, even in this difficult phase….and so will we.