Q&A about seo

Sinja Grimme in talk with Sofia Tsaka, SEO expert 

Sinja Grimme: Why is it just not enough to have a beautifully designed website?  

Sofia Tsaka: The first question is, what role does the website play in the communication mix of the respective business? If the website serves only as a digital signature and is intended only for existing contacts, then you don’t necessarily need Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you want to use all the potential, stand out from the competition and make your product easy to find via search engines, then you can’t avoid SEO. 

Sinja Grimme: Why is SEO always underestimated and what does SEO actually mean exactly? 

Sofia Tsaka: The topic SEO is not tangible for many, because it happens primarily in the “background” of a website. However, SEO is also crucial in terms of the design, user-friendliness and content of a website. Among other things, SEO is a combination between technology, design and content. Moreover, the results only show after a certain time. For a purely online business, SEO is indispensable. For companies that do not only generate sales specifically through their website, there is a lot of untapped potential in SEO. In principle, SEO is the sum of the measures that can be taken on a website to present the best possible result for your search to the users on the net. Here you have to follow a few rules and send the right signals to the search engines. In a way, it is a reciprocal relationship. You create a website according to the guidelines of the search engines, thus you get positive feedback and are presented to many users. 

Sinja Grimme: Why are the relevant keywords for a page often not the ones you think in your gut they are? 

Sofia Tsaka: It can be that you define a few keywords out of your gut that happen to work. Without keyword research and the resulting use of the right KW, great potential remains untapped. A significant advantage is also to occupy niches for yourself. The right keywords have to be integrated in many different areas of a website. 

Sinja Grimme: Should SEO be done before setting up a website? 

Sofia Tsaka: Yes, definitely. It saves a lot of problems that will occur later. So you can consider the #CMS requirements in advance and also follow the technical guidelines of Google. 

Sinja Grimme: How often should you do an SEO analysis? 

Sofia Tsaka: SEO should be a kind of hygiene in a way. How elaborate or how much time, effort and budget is invested depends on the business and the role the website plays. SEO should be prioritized in the marketing mix and should definitely be done especially for sites with an integrated online store. The Internet, user behavior, technologies everything is changing, you have to react to it. A website should remain alive, evolve and here SEO plays an important role. 

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Definition “SEO Manager”

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and is translated as search engine optimization. In this case, the name says it all, because as an SEO manager, you are responsible for ensuring that your company’s website appears as high up as possible in the search engine rankings. Experience has shown that only the results on the first page of an online search via Google, Bing, etc. are taken into account. Thus measures for the improvement of the natural placement and thus the findability of the own Website in the competition comparison increased in the past years ever more meaning. 

Which requirements and competences are necessary for the job as SEO Manager? 

In order to carry out the profession of SEO Manager, some competencies are indispensable. A pronounced affinity for the topics of the Internet, technology and programming skills are required, beyond that knowledge in the common content management systems also have an advantageous effect. Since just these topics are very fast-moving, a constant commitment around this is further requirement to the SEO manager. In order to develop an effective ranking strategy and create statistics accordingly, analytical thinking and a high affinity for numbers are indispensable. The implementation of these also requires experience in project management and a goal-oriented approach as well as organizational skills. 

A commercial understanding and competencies in the field of marketing are also necessary for the content classification of the topics. Editorial skills for the creation of texts should also be brought along. These are often also required in the presentations, so that your own communication skills should also be mature. As an interface between the external service providers and the marketing department, flexibility and the ability to work in a team are also required in order to harmonize different topics. 

Competencies Must: 

  • Affinity for technology and the Internet 
  • Programming skills 
  • Analytical way of thinking 
  • Marketing skills 
  • Presentation techniques & statistics generation 

These are the tasks of an SEO Manager 

  • Qualitative content creation 
  • Analysis of keywords and internet trends 
  • Strategy development for the integration of keywords and topic content 
  • Evaluation (GoogeAnalytics, Piwik, etc.) 
  • Off-page measures to increase traffic on the website 
  • On-page optimizations 
  • Improvement of user-friendliness and structural optimizations of website