Press-articles about “Das Auto in der Kunst”

Dear Frank Meyer, yesterday we talked on the phone again because I was so happy about the great article about “Das Auto in der Kunst” in AutoBildKlassik. Thank you very much for the editorial presentation of the exhibition in the Künstlerhaus Marktoberdorf “Abgefahren – Das Auto in der Kunst”, which we are passionately communicating. On 5 double pages you can see pure fascination, curiosities and creative interpretations of international artists such as Fabian Oefner, Marin Klimas, Beni Bischof, DanielaComani….. Also the most diverse brands from Volvo to Audi, Porsche and racing origami BMWM1 and 3.0 CSL. 

ColorBlue: “We love this feature – you’ll love it too.” 

Issue No. 4 I April 2021 Auto Bild Klassik.